Screw Products have been an ITP building block since the beginning. Listed are standard self-tapping and self-drilling screws; ITP can find in and ship it to your facility in record time. Whether your application is wood based, pre-drilled, or needs to be pierced, a screw exists that will fit your need. Screw products cross the largest range and depth of applications, and have the most diverse mix in the fastener industry.

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Phillips Type B

Slot Flat Type A

Slot Truss Type Ab

Slotted Hex Washer Head Sharp Point

Slotted Hex Washer Head Type Ab

Phillips Trim Head

Hex Washer Head

Phillips Round Washer

Bugle Coarse


Slot Round

Phillips Oval

Slot Flat

1 Point

23 Point

25 Point

A Point

Ab Point

B Point

Thread Rolling Point

Hi/Low Point

F Point

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