The obvious choice for Waterworks and Plumbing Wholesale.

Top inventory of flange bolt and gasket sets.


As your trusted supplier of components and fasteners for Plumbing and Waterworks, ITP has a wide array of inventory and ready to ship products.

Whether you need standard bolt and gasket sets or flange packs in varying sizes and finishes or if you simply desire standard ring gaskets, we’ve got you covered.


Rapid turnaround times.


Our dedicated packaging and shipping team combined with our impressive inventory ensures that we get your items to you rapidly.

So, whether or not you want a custom order or only require standard components, you know that the ITP team will move with urgency to get your items to you ASAP.


Internal packaging department.


The ITP internal packaging department creates kits in a variety of configurations.

This can include special labeling that contains details and instructions for intuitive on-the-ground use.

  • Stocking Flange Bolt Up Sets 2″ – 48″
  • Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Blue Teflon
  • Full line gaskets and Insulating kits
  • NSF61 Approved Gasket Material
  • Import and Domestic options
  • Restraint Kits
  • T-Head Bolt
  • Custom Packaging and Labeling

Materials in Stock

Low Carbon Steel

  • A307 Grade A
  • A307 Grade B
    • Finishes: Plain, Zinc Plated, HDG, CAD, and Teflon Coated


  • 18-8 / 304
  • 316
  • B8 and B8M


  • A193 B-7
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 8

Why do we do business with ITP? Plain and simple, because they help us have Smooth Running Jobs. As a premier vendor of ours, ITP has gone out of their way on many levels. From customizing packaging to partnering with us in opening up new territories and clients. ITP is an integral part of our growth plan and they have proven their value to us time and again.” – Waterworks Wholesale Supply

Our company has been doing business with ITP for over 10 years and as a company driven by outstanding customer service, we appreciate when dealing with similar types of companies and ITP is exactly this type of company.

Their customer service is knowledgeable and works with us on both our regular purchase orders as well as our more complicated specialty projects. Their willingness to stock both a wide and deep inventory helps our company to better service our customers.

We appreciate ITP and thank them for their part in making our company successful.” – Plumbing Wholesale Supply

We have been buying from ITP for over 10 years now and continue to do so because ITP has taken care of our needs over the years. Good stock on all items, fast shipping and great customer service. The customer service is beyond great. When calling ITP I talk to a person right away, no machines or voice automated mazes to get through. Dealing with genuine good people that care about your business and will do everything they can to satisfy your consumer needs. I will continue to buy from ITP for years to come.”  –  Construction Wholesale Supply
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