Expert solutions, incomparable service

Integrity and service go hand in hand. At Industrial Threaded Products, we don’t settle for simply delivering unrivaled products, we strive to create lifelong partnerships. That’s why, over the past four decades, ITP has been forged by the fires of each new client and unique challenge, emerging stronger in the knowledge of who we are and what we offer. We’ve managed to not only survive but thrive in both our peaks and valleys because we built our business upon the sturdy foundations of expert solutions and incomparable service.

Higher quality at a better price

ITP stands out for dozens of reasons, the two foremost being our crew of first-rate craftsmen and our inventory of innovative machines. When you combine these inputs with our company-wide passion for what we do, the result is magical—unparalleled, innovative, quality work at volumes that were never before seen. It’s this staggering efficiency and production volume that allows us to set our prices far lower than our competitors, without having to sacrifice our various value added services.

In a serious crunch? We’ll see you through.

Our decades of experience have helped us hone our craft and optimize our processes. From our teams to our machines, we’re leaner, faster, more efficient, and more capable than ever before. Whatever your material needs are, whatever your turnaround times, we are confident that we can partner with you to help you emerge victorious. Are you facing a seemingly insurmountable time crunch? Don’t worry. As your partner, we can turn that mountain into a molehill.

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