About ITP’s Automated Packaging Machine

ITP’s Automated Packaging Machine mitigates the risk for error through our advanced automation systems. So you can rest assured knowing that your order will arrive on-time and is accurately fulfilled. With ITP’s Automated Packaging Machine, we can give you exceptional service, quality results, and peace of mind. 

Our automated assembly line is exponentially faster and more precise than we even imagined possible during the machine’s custom designing stages with the manufacturer. We can confidently take on larger, more complex orders while consistently meeting our high quality and accuracy standards. Choose between thousands of packaging options and endless configurations of kitting, counting, and labeling. 

Do you need massive quantities of a single item? Aftermarket assembly kits for your own customers? Short-run packages of specific hardware sets? 

Consider it done with ITP’s Automated Packaging Machine.


We have our own fleet of trucks and also work with Top Tier National Carriers.


What once took our hand-packing team days now takes our automated system hours. With an average speed of 20 batches per minute, our team can spend more time attending to your needs and promptly fulfilling your orders.


We utilize cutting-edge optical counting to guarantee zero undercounts. Rest assured, you’ll receive everything you ordered.

Direct to Bag Printing

Our machine thermally prints directly onto custom C-fold poly bags for high-quality, durable, smudge-free packaging labels.


Our advanced system works faster, but it also does more. With four automated counters operating simultaneously to sort products and fill containers, there’s no limit to the orders we can fulfill for you—big, small, and anywhere in between.

About ITP’s Hand Packaging Team

What began as a simple ask to break down bulk material into small packages has evolved into a full-scale packaging production department. And none of that would be possible without our dedicated hand packaging team. This team of 15 full-time experts moves tens of thousands of pounds daily, packaging kits, big and small, for all our clients’ needs.

Do you need industrial pipe and valve fitting bolt and nut sets? Scale or hand counted items? Small packaged amounts broken down from bulk material?

Do you need a little more care and finesse in your packaging needs without sacrificing speed or efficiency? Then ITP’s Hand Packaging team is your answer.

We offer:

  • Quick Turn-Around for Complex Projects
    Your customers shouldn’t have to wait for your exceptional products—and neither should you. From complex configurations to customer specific retail kitting, our dynamic team is committed to providing excellent service at top speed, no matter how intricate the project.
  • Kitting and Processing Smaller Dollar Amounts
    Make your budget stretch even further with our hand packaging team. Your product kit can be processed to match your bottom line and your customer’s needs.
  • Complex Multiple Line (5+) Item Kitting
    The members of our ITP hand packaging division are no strangers to complex projects. Kit together every essential piece of your product and rest easy knowing your items are safe in our experienced hands.

”I have been working with ITP for over 8+ years now and there customer service is excellent! My sales representative always goes above and beyond for us especially when deadlines are crucial. The quality of ITP products is always excellent and never disappoints.” – Original Equipment Manufacturer

”We have been buying from ITP for over 10 years now and continue to do so because ITP has taken care of our needs over the years. Good stock on all items, fast shipping and great customer service. The customer service is beyond great. When calling ITP I talk to a person right away, no machines or voice automated mazes to get through. Dealing with genuine good people that care about your business and will do everything they can to satisfy your consumer needs. I will continue to buy from ITP for years to come.” –  Construction Wholesale Supply

“Why do we do business with ITP? Plain and simple, because they help us have Smooth Running Jobs. As a premier vendor of ours, ITP has gone out of their way on many levels. From customizing packaging to partnering with us in opening up new territories and clients. ITP is an integral part of our growth plan and they have proven their value to us time and again.” – Waterworks Wholesale Supply

How It Works

Continuous Counting and Filling Systems

Our Automated Packaging Line is the definition of a well-oiled machine. Four conveyor-fed counting and filling systems work non-stop to complete your orders quickly and correctly. The material moves along the conveyor until it’s taken up into the correct funnel to be sorted, bagged, labeled, and ready for shipment.

Optical Counting Technology

This revolutionary system is responsible for a significant increase in accuracy over antiquated weight and hand-counting techniques. The margin of error is practically non-existent with our new-and-improved automated machinery.

Limitless Options for Packaging and Production

We have thousands of different boxes, bags, labels, and colors that can be used on any order configuration, including small quantities, hundred counts, and even complex combinations of various hardware. There’s no such thing as “too much” with us—just ask, and we’ll be happy to help, no matter the size or specificity.

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