Rivets are utilized predominantly in permanent applications to join the component parts of an assembly. Closed end rivets are used where the adjoining back plate cannot be accessed but must be kept weatherproof. Rivets are typically designed to permanently join two or more pieces of metal together utilizing pre-drilled holes. ITP can procure generic and branded Rivets. Let your sales ITP sales representative know what your application is and put our 250+ years of fastener experience work for you.

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    3 Star Bulbing

    Closed End Countersunk Head

    Closed End

    Countersunk Head Drive Pin

    Dome Head Blind

    Large Flange Dome Head Blind

    Large Flange Monobolt Structural

    Liner Head Drive Pin

    Multi Grip Brazier

    Multi Grip Countersunk Head 2

    Multi Grip Countersunk Head

    Multi Grip Dome

    Multi Grip Large Flange

    Multi Grip Low Profile

    Orlock Countersunk Head

    Orlock Dome Head

    Protruding Monobolt Structural

    Universal Drive Pin

    Split Flat Countersunk Head

    Oval Flat Countersunk Head

    Type S Semi-Tubular Truss Head

    Type T Semi-Tubular Truss Head

    Oval Type T Semi-Tubular

    Solid Flat Head

    Solid Flat Head

    Solid Button Head

    Semi-Tubular Rivet

    150° Countersunk Semi Tubular

    Oval Semi-Tubular

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