Machine Screws typically are classified from 0.25 or 0.31 in diameter and below. There are hundreds of head styles, materials, and finishes for machine screws. Machine screws need a mating part or a tapped hole to complete their function. ITP has numerous ways to find, stock, and procure your machine screw needs. There are also numerous drawings and specifications listed for your engineering and design needs.

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    Phillips Pan

    Phillips Round

    Slot Flat

    Slot Pan

    Slot Binding

    Phillips Flat

    Slot Round

    Phillips Hex Washer

    Slot Oval

    Phillips Oval

    Slot Fillister

    Phillips Fillister

    Hex Washer Type F

    Hex Washer Type 23

    Hex Washer Type 1

    Hex Washer Type 25

    Pan Head Split Lockwasher SEMS

    Pan Head External SEMS

    Pan Head Flat Washer SEMS

    Pan Head Internal SEMS

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