Accompanying the strength of the ITP bolting inventory is a large and comprehensive selection of Nuts. ITP inventories close to every diameter from #4 to 2.5″ in multiple materials and finishes. Nuts are graded with strength ratings compatible with their respective bolts. The most common shape is hexagonal. Other specialized shapes exist for certain needs, such as wing nuts for finger adjustment and captive nuts for inaccessible areas. If we don’t have it in stock, we can have it to your door step respectfully in 1-2 business days.

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3 Prong T-Nut

4 Prong T-Nut

Acorn Cap Nut

Castle Nut

Flange Nut

Forged Wingnut

Hex Finished Nut

Hex Jam Nut

Keps Locknut

Nylon Insert Locknut

Stamped Wing Nut

ITP P/NWeight C/1001/4 Keg QtySizeDescription
50CNFH3.6018001/2-13Finished Hex Nuts, Plain
62CNFH7.118005/8-11Finished Hex Nuts, Plain
75CNFH11.805003/4-10Finished Hex Nuts, Plain
87CNFH17.543007/8-9Finished Hex Nuts, Plain
100CNFH26.401901-8Finished Hex Nuts, Plain
112CNFH39.801401 1/8-7 Finished Hex Nuts, Plain
125CNFH51.701001 1/4-7Finished Hex Nuts, Plain
150CNFH88.10551 1/2-6Finished Hex Nuts, Plain 
50CNFHG3.6018001/2-13Finished Hex Nuts, H.D.G. 
62CNFHG7.118005/8-11Finished Hex Nuts, H.D.G. 
75CNFHG11.805003/4-10Finished Hex Nuts, H.D.G. 
87CNFHG17.543007/8-9Finished Hex Nuts, H.D.G. 
100CNFHG26.401901-8Finished Hex Nuts, H.D.G. 
112CNFHG39.801401 1/8-7Finished Hex Nuts, H.D.G. 
125CNFHG51.701001 1/4-7Finished Hex Nuts, H.D.G. 
150CNFHG88.10551 1/2-6Finished Hex Nuts, H.D.G. 
50CNFHZ3.6018001/2-13Finished Hex Nuts, Zinc 
62CNFHZ7.118005/8-11Finished Hex Nuts, Zinc 
75CNFHZ11.805003/4-10Finished Hex Nuts, Zinc 
87CNFHZ17.543007/8-9Finished Hex Nuts, Zinc 
100CNFHZ26.401901-8Finished Hex Nuts, Zinc 
112CNFHZ39.801401 1/8-7Finished Hex Nuts, Zinc 
125CNFHZ51.701001 1/4-7Finished Hex Nuts, Zinc 
150CNFHZ88.10551 1/2-6Finished Hex Nuts, Zinc 

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