Socket products are ideal for precision assembly work with close tolerances and applications needing a well tooled appearance. The products also supply a greater tensile strength than equivalent sizes of Grade-5 or Grade-8 hex head cap screws while requiring less surface area because the fastener is internally wrenched. ITP stocks many standard lengths and finishes with a tried and true supply chain of suppliers for socket products. ITP can also provide domestic sockets, special short run production, as well as critical secondary work such as drilling, plating, painting, and patching.

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Button Head Socket Cap Screw

Flat Head Socket Cap Screw

Low Head Cap Screw Full Thread

Low Head Cap Screw

Socket Cap Screw

Socket Shoulder Bolt

Cone Point Set Screw

Cup Point Set Screw

Full Dog Point Set Screw

Half Dog Point Set Screw

Socket Pipe Plugs

Dowel Pin

Hex Key

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