Carriage and Lag bolts are typically and specifically used with timber or “Wood to Wood” applications. Each design requires a pre-drilled hole while they are very different serving a variety of uses. Lag Bolts are basically large wood screws to “Lag” together lumber. Please refer to the Product chart and utilize ITP’s depth of inventory of diameters, lengths, and finished to meet our customers needs.

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    ITP P/NWeight C/1001/4 Keg QtySizeDescription
    50C250BCG15.733001/2-13 x 2 1/2Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C300BCG17.982501/2-13 x 3 Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C350BCG19.742001/2-13 x 3 1/2Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C350BCG21.901751/2-13 x 4Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C400BCG24.601501/2-13 x 4 1/2Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C450BCG26.301251/2-13 x 5 Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C500BCG29.101251/2-13 x 5 1/2Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C550BCG31.401251/2-13 x 6Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C600BCG39.101001/2-13 x 6 1/2Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C650BCG41.501001/2-13 x 7 Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C700BCG44.601001/2-13 x 8 Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C800BCG51.601201/2-13 x 9Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C100BCG54.601201/2-13 x 10Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    50C1200BCG65.201201/2-13 x 12Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    62C300BCG30.601505/8-11 x 3 Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    62C350BCG33.201305/8-11 x 3 1/2Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    62C400BCG35.901205/8-11 x 4Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    62C450BCG40.401005/8-11 x 4 1/2Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    62C500BCG42.30755/8-11 x 5 Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    62C600BCG50.70755/8-11 x 6 Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    62C700BCG63.80755/8-11 x 7 Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    62C800BCG71.60755/8-11 x 8 Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    62C1000BCG88.40755/8-11 x 10 Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    62C1200BCG104.60605/8-11 x 12 Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    75C400BCG57.30753/4-10 x 4Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    75C450BCG62.30603/4-10 x 4 1/2Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    75C500BCG67.10603/4-10 x 5Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    75C600BCG81.30603/4-10 x 6Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    75C700BCG92.90603/4-10 x 7Carriage Bolt, Plain 
    37C150BCGZ5.628003/8-16 x 1 1/2Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37C200BCGZ6.947003/8-16 x 2Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37C250BCGZ8.255003/8-16 x 2 1/2Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37C300BCGZ9.394003/8-16 x 3Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37C350BCGZ10.513253/8-16 x 3 1/2Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37C400BCGZ11.803003/8-16 x 4Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37C450BCGZ13.002753/8-16 x 4 1/2Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37C500BCGZ14.072503/8-16 x 5Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37C600BCGZ16.642003/8-16 x 6Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37C700BCGZ21.902003/8-16 x 7Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37C800BCGZ24.702003/8-16 x 8Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37C1000BCGZ30.701803/8-16 x 10Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    50C300BCGZ17.982501/2-13 x 3Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    50C350BCGZ19.742001/2/-13 x 3 1/2Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    50C400BCGZ21.901751/2-13 x 4Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    50C450BCGZ24.601501/2/-13 x 4 1/2Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    50C500BCGZ26.301251/2-13 x 5Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    50C600BCGZ31.401251/2-13 x 6Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    50C800BCGZ44.601001/2-13 x 8Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    50C1000BCGZ54.601201/2-13 x 10Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    50C1200BCGZ66.101201/2-13 x 12Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    62C300BCGZ30.601505/8-11 x 3Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    62C350BCGZ33.201305/8-11 x 3 1/2Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    62C400BCGZ35.901205/8-11 x 4Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    62C450BCGZ40.401005/8-11 x 4 1/2Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    62C500BCGZ42.30755/8-11 x 5Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    62C600BCGZ50.70755/8-11 x 6Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    62C800BCGZ71.60755/8-11 x 8Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    62C1000BCGZ88.40755/8-11 x 10Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    62C1200BCGZ104.60605/8-11 x 12Carriage Bolt, Zinc 
    37N200BHL5.408003/8 x 2Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N250BHL6.516503/8 x 2 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N300BHL7.765003/8 x 3Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N350BHL8.784003/8 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N400BHL10.093253/8 x 4Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N450BHL11.393003/8 x 4 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N500BHL12.513003/8 x 5Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N600BHL14.992503/8 x 6Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N700BHL17.012503/8 x 7Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N800BHL19.482503/8 x 8Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N900BHL21.601503/8 x 9Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N1000BHL23.802003/8 x 10Hex Lags, Plain 
    37N1200BHL28.122003/8 x 12Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N200BHL10.654501/2 x 2Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N250BHL13.444001/2 x 2 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N300BHL15.133001/2 x 3Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N350BHL17.522501/2 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N400BHL19.472001/2 x 4Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N450BHL21.801751/2 x 4 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N500BHL24.201501/2 x 5Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N550BHL26.601501/2 x 5 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N600BHL28.801501/2 x 6Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N700BHL32.101501/2 x 7Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N800BHL37.001251/2 x 8Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N900BHL45.001201/2 x 9Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N1000BHL49.501201/2 x 10Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N1200BHL57.301201/2 x 12Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N1400BHL57.50901/2 x 14Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N1600BHL76.50801/2 x 16Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N1800BHL101.01701/2 x 18Hex Lags, Plain 
    50N2000BHL111.97601/2 x 20Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N250BHL22.302405/8 x 2 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N300BHL26.702005/8 x 3Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N350BHL28.101805/8 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N400BHL31.701605/8 x 4Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N450BHL34.501505/8 x 4 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N500BHL38.301405/8 x 5Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N550BHL42.201305/8 x 5 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N600BHL45.301205/8 x 6Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N700BHL51.901005/8 x 7Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N800BHL65.10905/8 x 8Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N900BHL67.50755/8 x 9Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N1000BHL75.80755/8 x 10Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N1200BHL90.30605/8 x 12Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N1400BHL109.40605/8 x 14Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N1600BHL123.80505/8 x 16Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N1800BHL138.20455/8 x 18Hex Lags, Plain 
    62N2000BHL174.66455/8 x 20Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N300BHL40.501303/4 x 3 Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N350BHL45.301203/4 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N400BHL49.701003/4 x 4Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N500BHL60.80903/4 x 5Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N600BHL71.10803/4 x 6Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N700BHL86.30703/4 x 7Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N800BHL92.70653/4 x 8Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N900BHL106.71603/4 x 9Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N1000BHL112.80503/4 x 10Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N1200BHL141.00403/4 x 12Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N1400BHL162.00403/4 x 14Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N1600BHL183.00353/4 x 16Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N1800BHL204.00303/4 x 18Hex Lags, Plain 
    75N2000BHL214.50303/4 x 20Hex Lags, Plain 
    25N100BHLZ1.4835001/4 x 1Hex Lags, Zinc 
    25N125BHLZ1.6728001/4 x 1 1/4Hex Lags, Zinc 
    25N150BHLZ1.8324001/4 x 1 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    25N200BHLZ2.5816001/4 x 2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    25N250BHLZ3.0013001/4 x 2 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    25N300BHLZ3.579001/4 x 3Hex Lags, Zinc 
    25N350BHLZ4.037501/4 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    25N400BHLZ4.447001/4 x 4Hex Lags, Zinc 
    25N450BHLZ4.906001/4 x 4 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    25N500BHLZ5.466001/4 x 5Hex Lags, Zinc 
    25N600BHLZ6.215001/4 x 6Hex Lags, Zinc 
    31N100BHLZ2.2022005/16 x 1Hex Lags, Zinc 
    31N150BHLZ3.4916005/16 x 1 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    31N200BHLZ4.0512005/16 x 2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    31N250BHLZ4.629005/16 x 2 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    31N300BHLZ5.387005/16 x 3Hex Lags, Zinc 
    31N350BHLZ5.945005/16 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    31N400BHLZ6.884505/16 x 4Hex Lags, Zinc 
    31N500BHLZ8.623005/16 x 5Hex Lags, Zinc 
    31N600BHLZ10.303005/16 x 6Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N150BHLZ4.1910003/8 x 1 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N200BHLZ5.408003/8 x 2 Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N250BHLZ6.516503/8 x 2 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N300BHLZ7.765003/8 x 3 Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N350BHLZ8.784003/8 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N400BHLZ10.093253/8 x 4 Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N450BHLZ11.393003/8 x 4 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N500BHLZ12.513003/8 x 5 Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N600BHLZ14.992503/8 x 6Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N700BHLZ17.012503/8 x 7Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N800BHLZ19.482503/8 x 8Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N1000BHLZ23.802003/8 x 10Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N1200BHLZ28.122003/8 x 12Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N200BHLZ10.654501/2 x 2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N250BHLZ13.444001/2 x 2 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N300BHLZ15.133001/2 x 3Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N350BHLZ17.522501/2 3 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N400BHLZ19.472001/2 x 4Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N500BHLZ24.201501/2 x 5Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N550BHLZ26.601501/2 x 5 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N600BHLZ28.801501/2 x 6Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N700BHLZ32.101501/2 x 7Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N800BHLZ37.001251/2 x 8Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N1000BHLZ49.501201/2 x 10Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N1200BHLZ57.301201/2 x 12Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N1400BHLZ67.50901/2 x 14Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N1600BHLZ76.50801/2 x 16Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N1800BHLZ88.30701/2 x 18Hex Lags, Zinc 
    50N2000BHLZ111.97601/2 x 20Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N300BHLZ26.702005/8 x 3 Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N350BHLZ28.101805/8 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N400BHLZ31.701605/8 x 4 Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N450BHLZ34.501505/8 x 4 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N500BHLZ38.301405/8 x 5Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N600BHLZ45.301205/8 x 6Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N700BHLZ51.901005/8 x 7Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N800BHLZ65.10905/8 x 8Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N1000BHLZ75.80755/8 x 10Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N1200BHLZ90.30605/8 x 12Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N1400BHLZ123.78605/8 x 14Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N1600BHLZ140.74505/8 x 16Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N1800BHLZ157.70455/8 x 18Hex Lags, Zinc 
    62N2000BHLZ174.66355/8 x 20Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N300BHLZ40.501303/4 x 3Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N350BHLZ45.301203/4 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N400BHLZ49.701003/4 x 4Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N500BHLZ60.80903/4 x 5Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N600BHLZ71.10803/4 x 6Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N800BHLZ107.21603/4 x 8Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N1000BHLZ131.80503/4 x 10Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N1200BHLZ156.40403/4 x 12Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N1400BHLZ181.01403/4 x 14Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N1600BHLZ205.61353/4 x 16Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N1800BHLZ230.21303/4 x 18Hex Lags, Zinc 
    75N2000BHLZ254.81253/4 x 20Hex Lags, Zinc 
    37N150BHLG4.1910003/8 x 1 1/2Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    37N200BHLG5.408003/8 x 2Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    37N250BHLG6.516503/8 x 2 1/2Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    37N300BHLG7.765003/8 x 3Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    37N350BHLG8.784003/8 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    37N400BHLG10.093253/8 x 4Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    37N450BHLG11.393003/8 x 4 1/2Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    37N500BHLG12.513003/8 x 5Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    37N600BHLG14.992503/8 x 6Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    37N700BHLG17.012503/8 x 7Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    37N800BHLG19.482503/8 x 8Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    37N1000BHLG23.802003/8 x 10Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N200BHLG10.654501/2 x 2Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N250BHLG13.444001/2 x 2 1/2Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N300BHLG15.133001/2 x 3Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N350BHLG17.522501/2 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N400BHLG19.472001/2 x 4Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N500BHLG24.201501/2 x 5Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N550BHLG26.601501/2 x 5 1/2Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N600BHLG28.801501/2 x 6Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N700BHLG32.101501/2 x 7Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N800BHLG37.001251/2 x 8Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N1000BHLG49.501201/2 x 10Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N1200BHLG57.301201/2 x 12Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N1400BHLG67.50901/2 x 14Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N1600BHLG76.50801/2 x 16Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N1800BHLG88.30701/2 x 18Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    50N2000BHLG111.97501/2 x 20Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N300BHLG26.702005/8 x 3Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N350BHLG28.101805/8 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N400BHLG31.701605/8 x 4Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N500BHLG38.301405/8 x 5Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N600BHLG45.301205/8 x 6Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N700BHLG51.901005/8 x 7Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N800BHLG65.10905/8 x 8Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N1000BHLG75.80755/8 x 10Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N1200BHLG90.30605/8 x 12Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N1400BHLG123.78605/8 x 14Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N1600BHLG140.74505/8 x 16Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N1800BHLG157.70455/8 x 18Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    62N2000BHLG174.66355/8 x 20Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N300BHLG40.501203/4 x 3 Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N350BHLG45.301203/4 x 3 1/2Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N400BHLG49.701003/4 x 4Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N500BHLG60.80903/4 x 5Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N600BHLG71.10803/4 x 6Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N700BHLG94.91703/4 x 7Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N800BHLG107.21603/4 x 8Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N1000BHLG131.80503/4 x 10Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N1200BHLG156.40403/4 x 12Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N1400BHLG181.01403/4 x 14Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N1600BHLG205.61353/4 x 16Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N1800BHLG230.21303/4 x 18Hex Lags, H.D.G. 
    75N2000BHLG254.81253/4 x 20Hex Lags, H.D.G.

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