Anchoring is a complex, comprehensive, and fast solution to fastening as well as construction assembly. A number of diverse markets exist for Anchoring including concrete, masonry, mechanical, adhesive, and power forced entry systems. Industrial Threaded Products distributes branded/rated anchoring systems such as ITW Ramset and Powers. ITP can also service your generic needs when the application is permitting.

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    Double Expansion

    Plastic Toggles

    Single Expansion

    Large Screw Shield

    One Step

    Nail In / Countersunk Head

    Nail In / Round Head

    Nail In / Flat Head

    Hammer Drive

    Acorn Nut Sleeve Anchor

    Hex Nut Sleeve Anchor

    Round Head Sleeve Anchor

    Flat Head Sleeve Anchor

    Tie-Wire Sleeve Anchor

    Pan Head Split Drive

    Countersunk Split Anchor

    Tie-Wire Split Drive

    Regular Steel Hollow Wall

    Double Expansion

    Fluted Light Duty

    Round Head Toggle Bolt

    Pan Head Toggle Bolt

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