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When it really matters, it all comes down to ideas that generate shared values. This typically requires a different than usual approach. One that truly focuses on the long term interests of our customers and the industries that we serve. Where collaboration is incentivized so that the best resources from across our organizations work together to deliver the right solutions. Where the innovation of our clients is matched by our confidence in their vision. Because when our customers succeed in this way, the results benefit everyone.

Please allow us to present our organization to you. To also partner with you in your future successes as your supplier, all the while providing value to your organization.





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Industrial Threaded Products

Industrial Threaded Products Inc.



ITP can find and ship it to your facility in record time. Whether your application is wood based, pre-drilled,
or needs to be pierced, a screw exists that will fit your need. Screw products cross the largest range and depth of applications and have the most diverse mix in the fastener industry.

Product Summary
> Distributor of over 35 different brands and styles
> Hold for release and direct import programs available for volume items
> Specialty plating and secondary processes available



ITP sells USS, SAE and Fender washers in multiple units of measure. ITP can also provide special and critical tolerance washers at a very competitive cost with utilizing our diverse supply chain of local and international stamping factories.

Product Summary
> Stocking Diameter Range: #0 through 2″
> Custom stampings available
> Multiple materials and finishes available



ITP can procure generic and branded Rivets. Let your ITP sales representative know what your application is and we’ll put our 250+ years of fastener experience to work for you.

Product Summary
> Distributor of over 15 different brands and styles
> Hold for release and direct import programs available for volume items
> Specialty packaging and plating’s available

Socket Products


ITP stocks many standard lengths and finishes with a tried and true supply chain of suppliers for socket products. ITP can also provide domestic sockets, special short run production, as well as critical secondary work such as drilling, plating, painting and patching.

Product Summary
> Distributor of Import and Domestic socket products
> Hold for release and direct import programs available for volume items
> Specialty plating and secondary processes available
> High tolerance/high Quality manufactured QC
sources available

Hex Lags & Carriage Bolts


Hex lags and carriage bolts are typically and specifically used with timber or “Wood to Wood” applications. Please refer to the Product chart and utilize ITP’s depth of inventory of diameters, lengths and finishes to meet our customers needs.

Product Summary
> Stocking Diameter Range:¼” through 1″
> Stocking Finishes: Plain, ePlated and HDG
> Specialty lengths and finishes available



ITP is also stocking 2″ through 30″ bolt up sets in multiple materials. Large flange size sets are available
upon request.

Product Summary
> Stocking 2″ through 30″ flange bolt ups sets and gaskets in stock at all times
> Over 15 different gasket materials in Ring and Full Face styles always in stock
> Custom bolt lengths also available

Wire Products


Whether you are using a cotter pin to hold an assembly in to position or a hardened alloy dowel for a hinge or shaft, ITP has the experience to find the right part for your critical application. ITP works with hundreds of suppliers and has the knowledge of where to locate hard to find material.

Product Summary
> Experienced staff and resources to identify standard and non-standard parts
> Numerous materials and finishes available upon

Vendor Managed Inventory


Industrial Threaded Product’s Vendor Managed Inventory programs are designed to incorporate the principals
of lean manufacturing into inventory management and replenishment. Our programs offer a variety of different methodologies to help you reduce costs by eliminating non-value added activities from your production process.

Product Summary
> 15 years of experience in inventory management systems
> KAN/BAN, consignment inventory and bin stocking programs available
> Custom design program specialists available

Hex Bolts


Hex Machine Bolts and Cap Screws lay at the core
of Industrial Threaded Products. ITP stocks from ¼” through 1 ½” diameters in A307 Grade A Plain, Zinc and Hot Dipped Galvanized. Other stocking materials include ASTM A307 Grade B, T304 Stainless Steel, T316 Stainless Steel, Grade 5 and Grade 8 materials. ITP is also stocking larger diameters and procuring them regular1y per our customer’s requests.

Product Summary
> Stocking¼” through 1½”
> Multiple materials and finish
> Application support and certification of conformance available with all material
> Most diverse bolting inventory available

All Thread Rod

ITP is the largest importer and distributor of threaded rod in the Western USA Stocking over 100 different sizes
in varying diameters fmm ¼” x 2″ in Plain, Zinc Plated and Hot Dipped Galvanized. ITP also has value added services for threaded rod such as Cutting, Marking, Painting and Chamfering.

Product Summary
> Standard lengths from 3″ to 144″
> Cutting/fabrication of special lengths available
> Domestic Rod Production
> Import Brokerage volume options available
> Stud sets with special packaging/assembly requirement
> Steel, Alloy, Stainless and domestic material in stock

Hex Nuts


Accompanying the strength of the ITP bolting inventory is a large and comprehensive selection of Nuts. ITP inventories close to every diameter from #4 to 2½• in multiple materials and finishes. Other specialized shapes exist for certain needs, such as wing nuts for finger adjustment and captive nuts for inaccessible areas.

Product Summary
> Stocking Diameter Range: #4″ through 2¼” in multiple materials and finish
> Construction, OEM Assembly, MIL-SPEC and critical tolerance services available
> Expert sourcing capabilities to ensure quality

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