Made to order fabrication.

Do you need a fastener that’s different from your standard piece? We are more than capable of handling all your bending, threading, cutting, grinding, and milling needs.

Innovative technology.

We’ve invested in a varied assemblage of specialized and advanced production machines, each one capable of making a totally one-of-a-kind fastener.

Precise specs.

You need your items to arrive exactly as requested. Our machines ensure that the margin of error is practically zero.

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About ITP’s Fabrication Capabilities:

ITP uses cutting-edge fabrication tech in order to precisely produce, alter, and customize hundreds of different components.

We utilize state-of-the-art industrial band saws, thread rollers, thread cutters, chamfering mills, and much more.

Whether you are producing a dozen copies of an item or thousands of copies, uniformity within the batch is always the end result.

We have been buying from ITP for over 10 years now and continue to do so because ITP has taken care of our needs over the years. Good stock on all items, fast shipping and great customer service. The customer service is beyond great. When calling ITP I talk to a person right away, no machines or voice automated mazes to get through. Dealing with genuine good people that care about your business and will do everything they can to satisfy your consumer needs. I will continue to buy from ITP for years to come.  –  Construction Wholesale Supply
I have been working with ITP for over 8+ years now and there customer service is excellent! My sales representative always goes above and beyond for us especially when deadlines are crucial. The quality of ITP products is always excellent and never disappoints. – Original Equipment Manufacturer
Why do we do business with ITP? Plain and simple, because they help us have Smooth Running Jobs. As a premier vendor of ours, ITP has gone out of their way on many levels. From customizing packaging to partnering with us in opening up new territories and clients. ITP is an integral part of our growth plan and they have proven their value to us time and again. – Waterworks Wholesale Supply

How It Works

Regularly work with all the top carriers. 

We have long-established relationships with the nation’s top carriers. Whether you prefer UPS, USPS, or FedEx, we can work with you.

We ship in volume.

From small project needs to full truckload shipments, we are more than capable of handling any shipment order, regardless of size or scope.

Pay for shipments however you prefer. 

Our clients have a variety of payment options for their shipments, including collect, prepaid and charge. We’ll work with you to determine the best means.

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