Our COVID-19 Response

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dear ITP Valued Customers, Suppliers, and Staff,

Our Customers are working, so are we!

As the COVID-19 situation continues to progress, the environment changes daily. We have established goals that will carry us through this crisis successfully. Staying focused on what we can control will determine our success.

ITP COVID-19 Continuity and Safety Goals

1)      Health and Safety – It is absolutely critical to ensure the physical health and safety of our team members. Our commitment to them will go beyond legislative guidelines.

2)      Operations – during this process, it is critical that we focus on our goal to continue to service our customers.

3)      Communication: We will continue to communicate internally and externally as this fluid situation changes.

Additionally, we implemented a robust cleanliness and sanitization procedure of surfaces and common areas, as well as strict social distancing policy.

Unfortunately at this time, no visitors will be permitted into any of our facilities whatsoever. Our will call areas have been modified to remain consistent with the social distancing policy laid out by the CDC,  and our customers are requested to stay outside the facility loading doors and communicate their information from a safe distance. We will be happy to serve you and load your vehicle for you.

Our organization looks forward to serving our customers and harnessing our core values of hard work and innovation during this fluid situation. As things change, we will also do what it takes to get the job done, and communicate when events beyond our control affect our ability to service our valued customers.


ITP Management

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